Crypto Historical Data App is FREE!

The proprietary Crypto Historical Data App is completely free to use for any traders who wish to download cryptocurrency historical data in CSV or JSON format. The data can be used for backtesting trading strategies as well as Expert Advisors.

The Crypto Historical Data app was specifically developed as a solution to one of the most common challenges facing new algorithmic traders. Often, brokers do not provide us with enough historical data bars for creating and backtesting strategies and EAs. The app provides daily updates on most traded assets – and it’s completely free to use.

Quality Crypto Historical Data

The app provides traders with crypto historical data from one of Europe’s largest brokers - DukasCopy - as real ticket data, and then compiled into usable bar data. The result is reliable cryptocurrency historical data with no gaps or lost bars.

Choose The Format You Want

The crypto historical data provided by the app can be downloaded in various formats that can be used in Metatrader, as well as EA Studio and FSB Pro - the strategy building software. In addition, you have the option to export the historical data from DukasCopy Europe as an Exell spreadsheet.

The Fastest Data App

The Crypto Historical Data App is the quickest currently available. In just a few seconds, you are able to download the cryptocurrency historical data you require for each asset you wish to trade.

Why is Crypto historical data necessary?

Because traders are reliant on statistics of their strategies when backtesting, reliable cryptocurrency historical data is absolutely vital.

Let’s look at an example of a strategy that has two entry and one exit condition. The conditions are the indicators and more specifically, the parameters of the indicators within the strategy. Because each indicator could potentially have hundreds of parameters, we require a backtest to ensure we are using the best possible parameters based on the crypto historical data of the asset.

There are two processes we employ in order to find the most reliable parameters for our strategy, namely generating and then optimization. Generating our strategy, the strategy building software will find the most robust strategies based on the criteria we have set. We can then optimize the strategies for MetaTrader by running a backtest over the crypto historical data we have selected.

This is only possible if we have solid, reliable cryptocurrency historical data.

Why is this Crypto Historical data App considered the best currently available?

This is due to the tick data we get from DucasCopy, who are well known to provide the most complete data available.

Following a number of technical processes, the tick data is converted into usable bar data, including the correct time zone required, which ensures a smoother user experience for traders.

How to use the Crypto Historical Data App?

In order to download the data you require:

  • Select the asset you wish to trade from the many symbols available

  • Select your preferred time zone

  • Select the file format you require

  • Choose the quantity of bars you would like to export, keeping in mind that the maximum is 200 000

  • From there, simply click on Load Data

Once you have completed the steps above, the app will prepare the files on the server, and they will be presented to you to download.

You will notice there are file available for each time frame.

There is no quicker system available to collect complete Crypto Historical Data in different formats.

Import the Crypto Historical data in EA Studio:

  • The first step is to open EA Studio, navigate to the Data tab

  • In the middle of the page, you’ll see the “Drop Zone”

  • Simply drag the files you downloaded from the folder they are in , into the Drop Zone. Below the Drop Zone, you’ll see the Data Import Log, which will show the files that have been successfully uploaded and imported

  • If you are logged in, the data will now be available for you to use

Using the new data, you are now able to generate strategies, perform backtests or build your own strategies using the imported data.

Import Crypto Historical Data in MetaTrader

  • In MetaTrader, from the Tools menu, open the History Centre
  • In the “Symbols” list, select the asset you wish to trade with. Then, double click to load the data into the table
  • Using the import option, select the Crypto Historical data files you downloaded from the App.

All timeframes will need to be added individually, one at a time.